33 things about me

1) (starting with the basics) I have one little sister (who is my best friend) and live with my mom and dad

2) my dog is a German shepherd named Demon (and the name suits him =p)

3) my favorite colors are purple, blue, and silver

4) i play soccer-both midfield and outside fullback

5) even though i play soccer, all of my closest friends are band weenies and stage crew geeks (and i am allowed to say this because they are my friends)

6) even though i love soccer, i enjoy the rifles the colorgaurd uses

7) my favorite food is cheese

8) if i could only have one type of music in the world, it would be country music because that’s what i grew up listening to and it’s still my favorite genre

9) even though she’s more country-pop, Taylor Swift is really cool and (me being a teenage girl) has lots of songs i can relate to, so she’s one of my favorite artists

10) though the show is stupid (thanks to Scott Fellows) and the dance moves are horrible, big time rush CAN sing and some of their songs are pretty cool

11) i prefer making webpages in script versus using word or an online website generator

12) i have a tire swing in my backyard

13) i signed up for key club and literary club this year but only went to two meetings each

14) there are only a handful of people i truly consider friends; half of them are guys

15) there are two reasons to watch a show: because it has a great plot line and because there is a cute guy on it =p big bonus if it has both

16) I’m painfully shy and hate public speaking

17) that being said, i like talking to people in general and love listening/eavesdropping on conversations

18) i still have a ton of barbie stuff in my room because i played with them all the time when i was a kid

19) i like playing halo but not hardcore-its more fun to just mess around on multiplayer with friends than do campaigns

20) I’m going to Austria over the summer und ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch

21) i keep a journal that i write in almost every day

22) i write a lot of poetry and stories but often don’t finish my work because i can’t focus on one idea for too long before i get another or i get bored or i lose the “mood” of a piece and just can’t finish

23) i hate sharing any poetry or stories i write

24) i have never been to Disney-world

25) i eat the edges of my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches first because the middle is the best part

26) my favorite number is 3-Dale Earnhardt Sr’s number, faith, hope and love, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, etc.

27) i love NASCAR racing and always watch it with my dad

28) my dad is a redneck-and i love him for it

29) my house is small in comparison to a typical development house but i love it

30) my yard is about an acre big and i love that too because i like spending time outside

31) unfortunately, my friend has caused me to take a liking to Broadway music

32) i’m not particularly fond of anime and manga but i like lucky star because the four girls are like perfect replicas of me and my friends-it’s pretty funny how close the characters are to the real-life us

33) i’m not quite sure what i want to do with my life (career-wise) because there are so many different things i love and so many different things i want to do

One thought on “33 things about me

  1. You have a lot to offer, you should try talking more

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