A Picture of Me


So this is the tire swing in my backyard. My dad put it up a couple years ago by throwing the rope up over a reliable branch in the tallest oak tree in our yard(don’t ask me how, all I know is that he didn’t use a ladder) and tying a knot at the bottom, reinforcing it with, of course,  duct tape.

Whenever I need time to just relax and forget about schoolwork or soccer or anything else that’s bugging me, all I need to do is grab my Ipod and spend a mere half an hour on the tire swing and I feel instantly better.It’s not the Ipod, and it’s not the tire swing. It’s the combination of music that I love and a place that is always waiting for me, always welcoming, that really relaxes me. It reminds me that, no situation is as bad as it seems, and no matter what happens, everything will be all right.

I feel like this tire really does represent me. I’m an outdoorsy person and love being outside, especially in spring when the temperature is PERFECT. Over the years, whenever my friends have (what now looks in retrospect as) petty drama, the first place they want to go is over my house so they can swing. That tire has heard so many secrets, if it could speak, I’d have to kill it for fear of it knowing too much. Though the tire, like me, isn’t the most experienced at giving advice, it’s always there when you need it.

It also makes me think about my family, which is a huge part of my identity. I’m not one of those teenagers who hates their parents and locks themself in their room after school and doesn’t crawl out into the open until morning. Not saying that I never fight with or get really angry at my parents, but being with my family is important and is something I look forward to. My family likes being outside too, so we’re always on our back porch and, of course, my sister and I love pushing each other on the tire swing. To me, at least, this swing represents the simplicity of childhood and my home.

The thing about the tire that most represents me is the memories associate with it. Memories are one of the most important things in the world to me; I put a very high price on the things I can remember. Maybe I’m secretly sentimental. Maybe it’s just because I’m a writer, and as a writer, I like using real life experiences to influence my writing. 

But the thing about the tire swing is, it brings so many memories to the forefront of my mind and it makes me feel happy. There are so many memories trapped inside of that little tire that I can’t go near it without thinking about the last camp-out in my backyard my cousins had or the last time my best friend came over upset and we spent a few hours outside.

It represents everything I’ve ever done or said, and everything I can remember. It represents me.


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