A Poem: Safe Inside

Hopefully I will be able to put more of my own short stories and poems on here. I wrote this poem for a class this year, but, as far as my poetry goes, this is one of my favorite pieces. Plus I always like poems better right after I write them, I’ll go back to this later in the year and cringe, thinking of all the other poetry I could have used instead of this one.

Safe Inside

I am thousands of thoughts
Gray markings on paper
With so much bite and scratch and claw
That inside is much safer

Emotions closed in words
Pages upon pages of feeling
Sealed with a golden lock
Constantly in careful hiding

Stowed under pillows and shelves
Stifled words of the weak
But wishing with a somber heart
That I had courage to speak

Years have past and with them
Desires held by invisible cages
But a chip of heart is still lost
forever in those pages

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