Ugly girl, hot guy?

No, I think not. Please, if anyone knows of a movie that involves an ugly, awkward, nerdy girl getting the hot and popular but nice guy, PLEASE tell me what it is.

So my family was spending our Friday night making home-made pizza (which is cheaper and yummier) and then watching a movie together (cause we party hard =p). My little sister picked out the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, with Nicholas Cage. It’s a pretty cool movie, and the awkwardness of the main character is superb.

But of course, what is a good ‘superhero-defeats-villian’ movie without some kind of love story? So of course the main character-who is a total nerd, and cute, but not that cute-gets this super hot blonde who is not only popular but kind-hearted.


I can’t be the only one who sees this horrible pattern. Nerdy, ugly guys falls for hot, popular girl. Against all odds, they fall in love. Now why isn’t it ever nerdy, ugly GIRL falls for hot, popular GUY and THEY fall in love against all odds? Why do girls always have to be the pretty ones? Why can’t we be the ugly ones and still have a happy ending?

There’s just so much of it that it really pisses me off-it’s sickening. All the Disney princesses and heroines-beautiful. Of course, it’s perfectly fine if the hero is ugly (Hunchback of Notre Dame or pretty much any movie involving a nerdy guy). And why is it Beauty and the Beast? I know, it’s an old story, you just can’t change it. But we could make other movies that differ from this pattern. But no. We continue to make movies that express the importance of being a beautiful girl.

Have you seen any ugly girl on like,  a TV show or something? I know that all people don’t find everyone attractive, but in all honesty, have you? Cause I haven’t. Even in sitcoms and stuff, they can always throw in a guy who is overweight, but I’ve rarely seen them use a girl who is overweight, except in that Disney show “Austin and Ally”, which is a terrible show anyway.

So tell me honestly what you think. Is it just too early in the morning and I’m fired up about this and totally overreacting, or is some part of what I’m saying true?


4 thoughts on “Ugly girl, hot guy?

  1. mom paige says:

    ‘Pretty in Pink’ an ‘old’ movie where a geeky, not so hot chick from the wrong side of the tracks catches the hot, rich guy. Watch it, it is not bad

  2. Lena says:

    Hairspray is the only movie I can think of where the girl is at least fat (she’s not even ugly to be honest), and the hot/popular guy falls for her. Other than that there are other movies like The Truth About Cats and Dogs, but I still didn’t think the “hot” guy was really into the not so ugly chick at the end, so, another movie I can think of is Dogfight, that one is truly what we’re looking for, but there aren’t any others I can think of. It’s really sad to be honest and you’re not overreacting, you’re absolutely right to be mad about this. It’s a heavy weight all women have to carry around thanks to Hollywood and their double standards.

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