Late Night Poetry (Part One)

Usually I write my best poetry at night. As I’m about to fall asleep, I start thinking about the day’s events or things I wish could happen, and I automatically start organizing all these thoughts into a poem. Last night, I had this amazing spurt of poetry awesomeness…four poems in about one hour. Usually I’m lucky to get one poem per week, and usually, once I’ve written one poem, my inspiration and emotion is completely used up.

However, last night was the exception, and I had a lot on my mind, plus I couldn’t sleep. So here, in chronological order, over the next few days I’ll share the four poems I wrote. Here’s the first one…it’s written as if you’re meeting an old crush from long (or not so long) ago, and you’re telling them about what you never could before.

It has A LOT of stanza’s, but, as I stated earlier, I had a lot on my mind. I suppose if I wanted to, I could split this into several poems…but it’s one entire experience that I want to keep together. I have purposefully used/not used question marks and other punctuation, based on how the flow sounds to me. I also make a reference to Tim McGraw’s song, “Just to See You Smile.” Feedback and criticism is not only welcome but encouraged!

Did You Know?

Did you know I liked you,
in every single way,
that you were my solemn prayer
nearly every day.

Did you know your eyes,
the brightest, purest hue,
could completely paralyze me,
just like the sight of you.

Did you know a single glance
sent my heart to space?
made it want another look,
made it beat off pace.

Did you know your laugh
made me giggle too?
And no matter what you did,
it was always, always cute.

Did you know my breath
completely disappeared,
whenever I would think of you,
or saw you drawing near.

Did you know I wished and wished
for a chance to approach?
But an encounter never came,
and nothingness killed my hopes?

My courage totally vanished
whenever you were near,
and my ability to speak
was lost in all the fear.

Did you know I desperately needed
to tell you how I feel?
But risk was lost in reason,
dreams lost in the real.

Did you know I watched you,
from near and far away?
The girls you sought after.
Their games that you’d play.

Did you know I had months
of hiding my desires,
as I saw you always disappointed,
our hearts became so tired.

Did you know I noticed,
the signs of your heartache,
and knowing I could be “that girl”
caused my own to break.

As hope for “us” dwindled,
my wish for you was new;
I wanted you to be content,
it didn’t matter with who.

What would befall my heart
all no longer mattered.
As McGraw used to say,
“just to see you smile”.

Did you know I cried
that dreadful, gorgeous night?
But seeing you finally happy,
made it all alright.

So now that you know
all my crushful nonsense,
if ever you feel low again,
just remember this:

In your time of depression
when your heart ached deep blue
when you felt you had no one,

I was in love with you.

**I don’t know why the last line isn’t with its stanza, I didn’t do it on purpose.**

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