A Walk on the Beach

During my vacation with my family, we went on an early morning beach walk to watch the sun rise. It was very peaceful and was an excellent place for my thoughts to wander. We walked the length of the beach and then headed back.

On the way back to the house, I saw the pale gray-white lines of where the water had come up to in the sand. There were a couple of the right next to each other, and they sorta reminded me of paths. I wanted to take one, like the kid I am on the inside to, and walk the rest of the way balancing on that line.

But I got a sudden shock of fear because I didn’t know which one I should take. So I simply continued walking.

I compare these paths to the different roads of life. There were quite a few, all pretty close to each other. Some paths diverged into different directions, which is I think what most people picture when they think of paths and decisions.

But I also recognized that some of the paths converged, almost as frequently as they diverged, which made me feel better. I’m not quite sure why…maybe because it meant that my decisions could lead to the same place, putting less pressure on me to decide which one to take.

Then there were some paths that stood completely alone. Though they frightened me and made me very nervous, I was curious about them. What makes this path so different from the rest? What would it be like going down this path?

Then I thought about the changes I’ve made since my Euro trip, and how I’ve grown. I’ve been so worried about changing, because change can be scary. I don’t want the people I know and love to see a different person when they look at me. I want to still be me.

Then I realized that, whether we like it or not, change is a necessary part of life. Instead of denying myself change and attempting to hinder change, maybe I should just let it be. It’s not like I’m going to purposefully force myself to unnecessarily change; some things are better left alone. But I don’t want to be afraid of change anymore. Even if I do grow as a person, I will still be me.

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