Sometimes I’m so unimpressed with the world.

Like when I go on the news page and see worthless pieces of worthless information waiting for me. The entertainment section-that’s especially what gets me. I can be a huge fan girl of most celebrities at one point or another, but now I’m just looking at them all like…okay…

Like when I hear a new song from one of my favorite artists-because, as much as they have changed, I still didn’t think they’ve sold out yet. Emphasis on the word “didn’t”, because with the new music they’ve been putting out it’s obvious that their glory days are over and that, if they had any of their original flair left in them, they will hide it away to get the best public reception, even if their songs are crap now.

Like when I go to a soccer fundraiser- you know, as in the raise money for a cause that’s important to us soccer players-and the girls on the team don’t wanna work. After an hour they are just done, and I’m standing there, working through with as much heart as I can (because it is tough work, but the emphasis is on work). All I can think is…God I hope this attitude goes away at some point. Because if that attitude stays, they are never gonna find a job, never gonna wanna do anything with their life.

Like when technology commercials praise technology. It’s really great how far we’ve come, but I’m with the older generation in believing technology deserves a big old X. Not for everything-computers are great for staying in touch, finding information, or blogging, and phones are sure handy. But many people just go too far, and it’s like “you really can’t find anything better to do with your time? This is your life? This is what you really care about?”

Like when my priest goes off about gay marriage. Maybe I should stop right there, because that should just be a whole other post entirely. The whole issue makes my head spin because I’ve got allies on both sides pulling me around like a little rag doll. All I can think is how long until I burst at the seams.

And if anyone brings up that topic in a comment or something, just don’t. I don’t wanna hear it. I will be thoroughly unimpressed if you do so and will most likely delete your comment.

This isn’t even an angry post. Looking at it wholly, this stuff isn’t making me angry right now. Usually it does, but at this moment-maybe it’s too early in the morning for true anger-I’m just over it. It’s like, “world, really? This is what you’re giving me?” There are so many beautiful things in this world. There are so many things that should change, things that really do matter, but instead our focus as humans seems to be on everything but these important causes.

What could these causes be? Don’t ask me. The world has smothered my train of thought. But there has to be something more than this, right?


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