Against all odds, they say,
is how we should live our lives.
But what is one supposed to do
when we lose our drive?

The thing that propels us,
holds us, when things are getting tough.
as much as we like to disbelieve
sometimes it gets too rough.

There are so many words that tell us,
to have faith, love, and hope;
worthless bits of fabrications
that the well-off like to quote.

But when everything goes wrong,
do you expect me to lie,
and pretend that life gets better,
when dreams are meant to die?




I am resolve

I am strong

I’ve faced challenges harder than these.

Subtle feelings

have to fade;

I’m done losing my heart to thieves.


once the heart is gone,

captured for too long,

one then

will lose their mind-

and love can’t be too far behind.

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