Thoughts-A Poem

This is a really old poem, and it’s not one of my favorites, but it’s about an experience I often have, so I’ll share it anyway.


I close my eyes
to fall asleep
And what do ya know?
I start to think

The words twist
Around and around
And I cant go to sleep
Though I hear no sound

Ideas, mostly
And childish dreams
Fill my head like a pillow
Bursting from the seams

Dreams of things Id like
To happen, and I hope
That they could come true,
Though I know they wont

I think about how unfair
Life can sometimes be
And I thank god for all the gifts
I can and cant see

I wonder if Ill ever figure
All this madness out
I hate not understanding
What life is all about

But amid all these thoughts
And the pressures by which Im bound
I get poetic verses stuck in there
And here I write them down

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