I can’t convey all my gratitude..

…to people like my classmate today.  It’s always funny because these things catch me off guard.

Today I forgot my math book (OH THE TRAGEDY) and so I asked a guy in my class who I don’t even really talk to if there was an online version of the book. I don’t even really like him-I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always considered him a loser. I had had a pretty crappy day to be perfectly honest, and so the forgetting my book made me really upset (I’m one of those nerdy kids who actually care about doing their homework, and considering my grade is on the brink of falling into B range, it’s imperative that I don’t give that grade any more reason to decrease).

He said that he didn’t think there was an online book….and then if I wanted him to scan the pages and send them to me.

So I stared at the screen for a few moments before feebly typing back, “wow if you could do that it would be great”. The fact that some people will be so selfless for people who they don’t even really know always strikes me, maybe because I always see people in their dark light. So I probably do need these moments every now and then to remind myself that human nature is naturally good, not bad.

These moments strike me so much that now, despite my bad day, I’m quite positive and would never be able to tell him how thankful I am that he went to all this trouble just to help me out. It almost makes me feel a little bad too, because I feel like I would never go out of my way to do something like that for someone else. I guess it’s sort of like those cute commercials, where one person sees someone do something nice for another person and then goes and does something nice themselves, eventually leading back to the original person. I should be more like that.

In other news, I just turned in my application for my state’s scholars program, where only 39 juniors will be selected to board somewhere for a couple weeks and have a whole summer program. My friend (whose sources, I’ll admit, aren’t so reliable, but still) said that the last person who got into that from our school-which was awhile ago-went to Yale. Keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes high.