If you don’t like bugs…

…don’t read this poem. I really don’t know where this came from, or how I got the idea for it, but I just did, and then wrote it. Reading it to myself now sort of creeps me out, thinking that I actually wrote this. Feedback would be appreciated, danke.

Venom spit onto my face

without a way to escape.

Bound in the spider’s web,

unknowingly I was led.

Now spider licks me for taste

ready to begin, no time to waste.

He says the more I scream,

the worse it will be for me.

So I let the caterpillar crawl

onto my body from off the wall.

Mosquitoes make me itch under-skin,

knowing there’s no way to win.

The june bug hums with victory,

the ladybug whispers to me.

ants envelop my entire body,

the wasp buzzes loudly,

worm slips into my mouth;

I want to run, I want to get out,

but stinger bee pushes inside,

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Scraping my inside, scraping my heart,

tearing my body and soul apart.

Pinchers stab my rotting skin:

Never be the same again.


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