Cutesy Poetry

I’m not a particular fan of cutesy things, whether its a romantic movie (I often laugh openly at how terrible these are, and make the sarcastic comments only an anti-romantic could) or book. Somehow, in the midst of some teenage-girl-dream-filled night, this came out of me, and so I’m going to share it despite my own feelings that it is really not as good as some of the things I’ve written and could write.


Perfectly we are

imperfect; that is the way

it should always be.

*So how boring is this poem? Pretty partial to the next one in all honesty, though the idea of it is very bleh*.


Someday we’ll figure it out,

and if we never do,

at least I’ll have failed

right alongside you.

At least with the second poem I do see some reflection in my own being, and a change I’d say I’ve recently gone through. All my life I’ve been a perfectionist, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing-why shouldn’t I strive to do my absolute best in absolutely everything I try? However, it does become a bad thing when one stresses themselves out and becomes obsessed with the idea of perfection. I’ve been through that stage, and thank goodness I’m more relaxed now (even though my friends still call me the uptight one haha). I’ve recently figured out that success can be measured as much, or even more accurately, by the amount of people who care for and love you, rather than profession or income. As much as I’m still striving for my best, I know some things I’ll never really understand, which is perfectly fine, as long as I have the ones I love around me.

Oh the inevitable clichés. I’m such a hypocrite aren’t I? Eh, oh well.

My life right now could be described, as in the novel The Big Empty by J. B. Stephens, “happily crazed”. I have so many exciting things going on right now, like SATs, college searching, preparing for a group interview with a Scholars Program for my state, working my butt off to get my leg and body back to what it was before tearing my ACL, and of course all the craziness and deadlines that come with school. Picking classes for next year is especially stressful, considering my career choices vary from Historian to Molecular Geneticist to Writer, oh, and I want to have German as a minor. All over the place, as you can see. But I’ve still got the most important people in my life around me, and every day I go to school looking forward to when I can talk and laugh and joke with all of them.

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