What do you really see?

As the night drags on,

I try to determine what went wrong.

Because I don’t understand.


How did I become

That last-to-know one

Who you think won’t understand?


We’re supposed to be friends-

Clichés together until the end-

Why am I a symbol of mistrust?


If that’s not what’s troubling

I was sort of wondering…

If that’s not it then what?


What did I say

That makes you think this way,

That I won’t understand?


I know I’m no good at

Giving friendly advice but

That doesn’t mean I don’t comprehend.


To me, you mean so much,

And to be in your distrust

Is not a happy place for me.


I’d like to, if I can change

But you need to explain

What do you really see?


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