In Support of the Butterfly Project

butterfly project

One minute-one minute

then I will ask

As soon as they rush through the door

I’ll shoot my question fast


But mom comes in angry

Work must have been tough again today

She just wants complete silence

Just wants everyone out of the way


Maybe dad will help me

He’s the hero always up to the test

But he’s been laboring for 12 hours straight

It’s time for him to rest.


Best friends will surely assist,

I mean, that’s what they do:

With bonds voluntarily established,

They’re always there for you.


But they’ve got issues of their own:

Parents, Syndromes, Prayers,

Grades, Money, Image, Boys.

What’s my problem compared to theirs?


Silence is the answer

I can decipher it alone

It may be scary, it may be hard

but that’s what this life condones.


Everyone is so caught up

in their own issues that seemingly swarm

Probably no one will notice

the butterfly on her arm.

butterfly picture

I had never heard of the butterfly project until this week, and it seems like a brilliant idea. Personally, I’m tweaking it to help me when I feel overwhelmed by life in general, which has been happening a lot recently. Whenever I start to feel troubled or distressed, I’ll follow the instructions of the butterfly project. I already drew one, which is pictured above (I’m not the best artist but it will suffice).  Her name is Dana.

I’m also bearing a butterfly on my arm to spread awareness and support those who actually deal with depression and self-mutilation.  Hopefully someone who had no prior knowledge of the butterfly project will read this post and draw a butterfly on their arm too.


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