One Year of Blogging Later…

Wow, it’s crazy to think that a year ago in class I started a blog, and, though I haven’t been as dedicated to it as I’d like to be, I’m proud to have kept this commitment and hope to continue to blog and write for another full year. In celebration of my second year of blogging, I’m going to take my first post ever-a class assignment, 33 things about myself-and create a new list, listing 33 things that have changed in my life since I began blogging.

This year, I…

1) got accepted into my school’s National Honors Society.

2) went to Austria and Germany, which included my first plane ride and traveling by myself (without family) for the first time.

3) acquired my driver’s permit.

4) acquired my driver’s license.

5) became both an honorary theater kid and honorary marching band member.

6) got a rifle (I only realized this after this post has been up for a few weeks…a COLORGAURD rifle, not a real rifle!) and Big Time Rush concert tickets for my birthday.

7) went to a Big Time Rush concert.

8) expanded my love of different artists and different genres of music

9) bought Taylor Swift’s RED album on ITunes-crazy how, once again, all her songs directly related to my life’s situation at the time.

10) got a boyfriend and continue to maintain a relationship with him

11) went to junior prom with my boyfriend and wore the most amazing dress-only about $30, it made me look beautiful without showing excessive skin, being excessively short or tight, or being the run-of-the-mill looking prom dresses.

12) haven’t used script, word, or anything to make a website, other than unsuccessfully trying to use script in this blog, since taking the Internet and Web Page Design class.

13) joined Science League

14) made some new best friends while subsequently losing others

15) was a semi-finalist for the New Jersey Scholars program but was ultimately not accepted

16) (hopefully) improved my public speaking and presenting skills

17) was too nosy and completely regretted it

18) got Halo 4….what, it’s important!

19) saw Wreck-it-Ralph, which was like, the best animated movie in a long time

20) couldn’t take German IV this year because it conflicted with other courses in my schedule

21) have continued to write, but unfortunately not as much; my journal has been barren for most of the year

22) took the PSAT and became incredibly jealous when I missed the National Merit by one or two points while another boy in my school became a Merit Scholar

23) took the SAT twice; still waiting for the most current scores but I got a 650 in reading, 650 in math and 760 in writing. Go figure.

24) have decided i will (most likely) not be attending the senior trip because my best friends do not or cannot go; we’ll just have our own little get-away

25) have started making my own sandwiches for school lunches! It’s a miracle!

26) have decided that I will start my own religion in which a woman can have more than one husband so I can marry Kendall Schmidt, Hunter Hayes and Trevor Bayne; my boyfriend can be my servant. (no, I’m not serious)

27) asked my dad if I could have the 1979 Chevy Camaro my great uncle sold to him (for like, $500) and he’s fixing it, though I should probably help him (blech I’m a terrible child).

28) realized because the car might not be done by the time school starts next year, when I’ll have a parking spot and be able to drive to school, we may have to start looking for a cheap, used car this summer

29) tore my ACL

30) got a bajillion letters from different colleges about applying but have not gone on any tours or anything

31) did go to a seminar for four different colleges, one of which I will most likely be applying to (Johns Hopkins University) because they have a good biology program. Other colleges I’ve been thinking of attending are Pittsburgh State, Gettysburg College, Arcadia, and trying to apply to colleges such as Chicago University, Princeton and even Harvard (because I would totally love it there haha [insert sarcasm here])

32) had my first kiss

33) have been leaning toward either becoming an English major (no clue where I could go from there) or becoming a molecular geneticist (something like that), medical scientist, biological scientist, geneticist or forensic scientist. I also want to have a minor in German and continue to travel.

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