Thank God for Dogs

Today was a fairly interesting day. The morning began when I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. My dad quietly told me to look to the door, where a little baby robin was sitting in the heart-shaped wreath hanging on our backdoor. It was simply sitting there chirping away, and every now and then it’s mama or daddy would fly over to it and feed it some worms. I sat in the kitchen enjoying the cute little scene with my dad.

Unfortunately for my mom and sister, the only thing that remained when they came downstairs for breakfast was bird poo on the door. Early risers 1, late sleepers zero.

For the first time in over a week I wrote in my journal. I have not been keeping up with my journal, mostly because I barely have enough motivation to do the obligatory mundane chores of life, like homework, chores…that’s pretty much it. I should really change that. I’ve been pretty sad lately, so I was happy to rant in my journal for a bit. I should write more tonight.

This afternoon my mom, dad, and little sister went to her soccer tournament. I wish I went, but I told them I “had things to get done”. In actuality I ended up watching the UEFA final between Bayern Munich and Dortmund in between SAT subject test practice tests for biology and world history. To my pleasure, Bayern won 2-1. So many cute Germans, so little time. Plus, I have been to Munich, great city, so many things to see and do.

Anyway, I was home alone and none of the doors were locked. I hear a knock on the door and Demon, my German Shepherd (my mom picked out the name) ran to the door, barking like crazy. It was some guy who I didn’t know who was looking down at Demon, talking to him, asking if he was going to let him in. Demon barked and barked and I bet looked pretty ferocious, because as lovable as he is, he’s still a big dog who doesn’t enjoy strangers, especially strange men. So the man walked away, and I ran upstairs to see if there was anyone else. There was another man and two little girls who all retreated into a black car that had been parked in my driveway and drove away.

Not surprisingly, this scared me, and so I went and locked all the doors before praising Demon for being such a good boy. If he hadn’t been there, well, I don’t know how sinister the men with two little girls were, but it made me feel a lot better that I had Demon there to protect me. Please enjoy a picture or two of my favorite doggy and a cute picture I must have found…er…somewhere.


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