My Memorial Day

Yay obligatory Memorial Day post. If you think I’m being self-centered and only writing about my day while ignoring the true reason for celebrations on this day, read through to the bottom of the post.

Unfortunately I spent most of the day with a horrible headache, honestly one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. Like the silly Americans we are, my family took advantage of the deals this weekend and went looking for a new truck for my mom. My mom gets a new truck, my dad gets the old truck, and I get the Chevy cobalt to drive this summer to my job that I just found out I acquired. They ended up haggling with some Chevy salesmen (we had looked at GMC too, but they were fancier and more expensive) and got a new black Silverado.

This took some time though, and by the time they had signed for the truck, I was hungry and getting a headache. When we picked up my friends and boyfriend to go to my grammy’s pool for the day, it was horrendous. I took some sinus decongestant and tried eating, but the meds made me sickish, so I couldn’t eat much. Nevertheless, I had a good time with them all. We got in our bathing suits and tried to enjoy the freezing cold water, most of us only getting half way in before surrendering to the comfort of a floatie.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs, and watermelon, grapes, and chips. We chatted with my aunt, who had stopped by for some food, and listened to country music, me belting out whatever lyrics I knew (I knew a lot in fact). I watched my friends play badminton until I couldn’t bear standing on the sidelines and, despite my overwhelming headache, participated. We sat by the pool talking, joking, and watching as one of my friends and my sister took turns doing another friend’s hair.

We had some homemade cheesecake and laid in the sun before taking one more lap around the pool, just cause we could. After that we took them all home. I laid on the couch with a warm compressant and fell asleep, waking up only to right this, get in my pj’s, and go to bed. Though I’m not a person who tans well (I mostly burn), I think I got some color.

Some people say that, on days such as this, writing some big speech on the internet, such as on Facebook, is hypocritical because people don’t care about the issue on any other day. But, I think that I’m someone who respects military personnel every day.  I proudly say the pledge every day, while my fellow classmates seem to think it’s some kind of unnecessary chore. Some of my favorite songs (all country music, by the way) are tributes to soldiers, such as “American Soldier” by Toby Keith, which is definitely the best one of all, “8th of November” by Big and Rich, and “I Just Came Back From a War” by Daryll Worley.

Furthermore, in my prayers at night, I ask God to watch over the all U.S. troops, living and deceased, and to bring them home safely. Now this whole speech wasn’t to boast how great an American I am, but just to give myself some backing for this post. No, not everyone who writes those “obligatory memorial day posts” or “obligatory mother’s day posts” or commenting on a tragedy don’t care. Some do.

Therefore, I’d like to thank all the service men and women who have served in our country. I can vaguely understand how much you have given, because my great uncle (well, a lot of my family) have served, and though I won’t go into detail I see the physical and mental suffering he has endured. But even then, I cannot fully comprehend the sacrifice given. I could ramble on and on, but I don’t think it’s completely necessary; I think a simple but full-heartfelt thank you can suffice to express the immense gratitude I feel.

So thank you so much.


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