You Started It

Not  sure what style I was going for, but that’s okay. I just felt like writing a peom, and though this is my first draft, I like it. Whether you do or not, that’s your choice, and though I’d love you to like it, I honestly don’t care.

I’m not here to say

I’m without fault

I did my share to tear this down

To chase the sun away

But you started it

And I’ll stick to this ideal

Like a little kid again

Tired of all this

You were the one

Who put the walls up first

Tall, gray, foreboding

Building until they were done

I don’t remember what event

set me off first

So, in no apparent order

I’ll list them in a rant

That’s all I can do anyway

You made me jealous intentionally

Even when I asked you to stop

You frustrated me and made me sad

Even when you didn’t mean to

I guess that’s not your fault

But still it happened all the same

You’re not supposed to make me sad


I’m confused and really don’t know

What else there is to say

Except for the words I dread to release

That tell you to go away.


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