The Chase

I remember faintly,

like the whispers of a dream,

the days when I pulled you close

and you never once let go.


But I need to feel wanted,

To know that you still care;

through unfortunate events

my welcome seemed to pass.


I should have let you know

I’m the kind of person who

wants others to ask me stay

whenever I try to pull away.


And you seemed to notice this before

and even when I faltered

you never once broke your firm hold

even when I acted cold.


but recently

as I’ve fallen sadder and sadder

you’ve seemingly suddenly forgot

our bond without a second thought.


I must ask more of you:

Please tell me if I’m at fault.

reveal what I’ve done wrong

disclose what’s going on.


I’m afraid to let you go

because I truly care

and I’d gladly chase after you

if you chase after me too.


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