This Made Me Happy

With so much crazy stuff going on in my life, this blog really helped to give me something to work for, that was completely my own. I was lacking this aspect of my life, and getting back to blogging, and blogging more regularly, was very beneficial to me.

In other news, this month I’ve had my most views ever, with 95 views over 35 visitors, beating my record of 94 views in one month that I achieved exactly one year ago. I’m not sure how much that is in comparison to other bloggers, or if that is good or anything, but it certainly is an achievement to me. Besides, I don’t particularly care as much that tons of people view my blog as much that I care that I am blogging and allowing an outlet for my thoughts.

However, it’s really cool to think that people have been following, liking, and looking at my thoughts and writing, and I have to thank anyone who has ever come to this site for giving me something to look forward to when I’m feeling down. I’m going to try to keep posting every other day or so, because I really enjoy it, even if I just post a picture or a quote or something.

Additionally, I might be making a tumblr version of my blog, or linking the two blogs together. I recently signed up for tumblr (my friend, who also blogs, persuaded me to).  Tumblr seems to be teeming with bloggers and people willing to read other people’s thoughts, so maybe I’ll be able to get what I want to say out to more people. I haven’t spent much time on Tumblr yet, but I’m going to try to find time over the weekend between schoolwork and the SAT to figure it out.

Thanks again,


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