Month of Motivation: Day 2

Motivational Quote of the Day: “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast” (Alfred A. Montapert).  

Hmm. I was just going to have a bowl of cereal. Now I’m really hungry.

I’ve survived Day 1, which also included surviving a party with my boyfriend’s family. I think if I survived that, I can survive anything.

Anyway, today my focus is on something so simple, its a wonder I haven’t been keeping up with it. Today’s motivating activities are cleaning my room and writing in my journal.

I’m not one of those teenagers who adamantly state that when their room is a mess they can find everything better. I hate when my room is messy, because it makes me feel like my mind and life is messy too. I need that space to be able to relax and do my work, and when it’s disorganized, I cannot be as productive; sometimes I cannot even sit comfortably  in my room. I’m just too lazy and too busy worrying about other things (mostly too lazy) to clean it.

At the moment, it’s at that “disastrous” level. It’s really terrible.  But, today I am going to clean it, since it will help settle my mind and give me a peaceful environment to retire to, and I pledge to keep it clean for the rest of the month.

I believe writing in a journal is relieving and fun, if not important. You can rant in your journal when you’re mad and don’t have anywhere else to turn to (though I don’t condone keeping issues to yourself-been there, done that, it’s not very pleasant). I enjoy looking back on old journal entries and laughing about how adorable and primitive my thoughts were, even just a few years ago. I’ll probably be doing the same thing, years from now, looking at this blog. A journal may even become important, if you were a witness to a historical period of time or event and can recall details in the future.

Lately I’ve been so miserable and unmotivated that writing in my journal lost its importance. Retrospectively, missing two months in my journal makes me really sad. So today I will write in my journal, and, just like maintaining a clean room, will do so the entire month.

These may sound like boring motivational activities, but you’ve got to start off small. Besides, writing is very important to me, and cleaning my room will make me (as well as my mother) happier .

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