A Week of a Month of Motivation

Haha silly titles.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time” (Thomas Edison).

Woohoo I made it a week. Seven days, which used to seem to fly by, now are dragged out, prolonged by quickly vacillating emotions. Concepts that seem concrete one minute are shattered the next, and happiness sours into despondency.

But I still made it, and will not give up!

Human Beings

Humans are incredibly stupid beings.

We think grades or trophies or money or titles make a person worthy.

We give advice but don’t follow it.

We call out others for judging us while also passing judgment.

We get are sad when people get so wrapped up in their own issues they don’t notice us…and then ignore someone else in our self-pity.

We stay with someone we don’t love because it’s “not wrong” but leave the people we love because it’s “not right”.

We talk without really talking but disregard the importance of communication in relationships.

We get pissed when other people don’t respect our beliefs…they go trample on someone else’s.

We fight when it’s not worth it but give up on our dreams.

We love without loving but forget to say “I love you” when it needs to be said.


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