MOM Day 21: Why I Love Kids

Today ended surprisingly well notwithstanding a rough start. Tonight was my little sister’s 8th grade advancement, and after the ceremony I worked out then watched TV with my mom and dad. Then my mom proceeded to recall a story that a woman in her work had told them that day, which I found both adorable and motivational.

Apparently the woman’s 7 year old son has an oovoo, and of course my first thought was why on earth does a 7 year old need an oovoo? Anyway, one day she was eavesdropping on his video call, like all good mothers would, and heard him say, “I don’t know”, and then a second time, with more force, “I don’t know!”.

Then he said “because my mom said so!”. Well the mom was of course about to cry, mostly because this meant her son actually listened to her. I was personally moved by his next comment.

“My mommy said that you can’t tell if someone is beautiful until you get to know who they are!”

Honestly, I “awwwed” at this, and silently prayed that when/if I have children, I can instill a similar sentiment in their minds. If a little kid can understand this concept, why can’t we all?

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