MOM Day 24-First Day of Summer

Yes, my bass-awkwards school set up the calendar so that our last day is on a Monday. So I went in school until 9:20 to take an exam then came home.

And, unfortunately, I wasted the entire day on electronics-old DS games, computer, ipod, television-and of course eating. I didn’t work out like I wanted to (though it started thunderstorming like crazy so I was sort of glad I didn’t go outside), and have been in a terrible mood. I hate making decisions but one is running like a freight train toward me, so I can’t run away.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier” (Roy E. Disney).

This is unfortunately what I have to do. I just don’t know if I can actually do it.

On a good note, I got a 100 on my AP Bio final, and a 94 on my English final, which means my grade for English is a 96 for the year. WOOHOO. I should probably make a list of my goals for the summer, but I honestly don’t feel like it right now (maybe later today). However, I plan to make it worthwhile.

A major thing I want to accomplish is to get ready for soccer and to do that, I’m going to need a lot of motivation and to understand that I can move on from mistakes (such as not working out one day) and improve on them the next day.

I also plan on preparing for my AP classes next year, visiting some colleges and narrowing down my college list, preparing for college applications, participating in scholarships, and, of course, hanging out with my friends. Looks like I have a sort-of list already.

I’ll also be working-first job WOOHOO. I’ll be doing paint crew for my school district, which means painting all summer. Can’t be too bad, it pays pretty good, is only for the summer, won’t conflict with soccer, and I have a few friends/acquaintances who are also doing it. The awesome part is, my parents allowed me to inherit my dad’s old car so I can drive to and from the job. My mom got a new truck, dad got the old truck, and I got the new car.

Hope everyone has a great start to summer!

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