MOM Day 28-First 3 Days Of Work

This summer I got a job at my school doing paint crew. With my first job, I’ve already learned new things.

1) If you have a job, you will not lose track of what day it is because you will forever be wishing for Friday.

2) Gossip is gossip is gossip. It never ends. I don’t participate, but I listen, which is pretty bad in itself.

3) Even if a supervisor is rushing you, take your time and do the work right the first time. Then they’ll be more pissed later on if you have to go back and touch up all the spots you or other people missed.

4) Don’t carry wet brushes through the hallway, even if you think they’re clean. Just don’t.

5) Music is your friend. The clock isn’t. If you keep checking the time, it’ll only go by slower.

6) People you’ve never talked to before or thought you could never be friends with can be pleasant to work with. Subsequently, it can be hell to work with someone who puts you down, whether directly or indirectly. You can’t let them get to you. If they’re advice is reasonable, use it to get better and prove them wrong. If not, move on.

7) When someone is teaching you something new, PAY ATTENTION.

8) Never be afraid to ask for help or direction.

9) Water. Enough said.

10) It sucks to be a girl when the head supervisor is a sexist gym teacher.

11) It’s awesome to  be a girl because the sexist gym teacher never makes the girls work outside while paying them the same amount.

12) Doing a good job pays off. Literally.

I could rant and rant and rant, but this pretty much sums up my first three days. It’s finally Friday, which is awesome; however, I won’t be one of the people sleeping in, I’ll be getting up early (ish) to workout. My workouts lately have been cut short by afternoon/evening thunderstorms, and I really need to work on my skills (such as sprints and footwork) that can only be done outside.

I’ve been having trouble at some things, because I’ve never technically done this type of paint work before, but I have to remember:

“All things are difficult before they are easy” (Thomas Fuller). 


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