End of Month of Motivation

Yeah, it’s July now. This month has seemed to both drag on and speed by. Paradoxical.

But the month of motivation, looking back, was really good for me. Coming onto my blog and trying to be positive instead of miserably ranting helped improve my mood on a day-to-day basis. I won’t continue it, though I’ll try to remember my goal to be happy.

I had a really scary dream two nights ago. I was in my AP World History class, and for some reason (you know how dream logic goes) I was supposed to write something on the wall. Maybe the influence came from working on paint crew. Anyway, I completely screwed it up. I got so upset and angry at myself that I started scratching at my wrists with my uneven nails; I bite them so they’re pretty terrible.

I woke up and had to check my wrists to make sure I didn’t actually start clawing at them. I didn’t know if I should tell anyone about the dream, but I told my boyfriend and two best friends, hoping they wouldn’t worry. Luckily none of them seemed-emphasis on the word seemed-to be too concerned, though I was grateful they listened to me. They’ve all had to deal with a lot of ranting and issues lately, and I love them for being so patient with me.

I guess that’s all for today. Bis Spater!


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