More abortion ramblings

Every time I read a blog post-usually on here the blog is pro-choice- I get fired up about the topic. For me at least, I feel like I’m being hated on every side.

I’m Catholic, so stereotypical I’m “supposed” to be pro-life, against birth control, and against same-sex marriage. This Sunday when I went into church, the priest, in his homily after the readings, began to (for lack of  a better word) rant about how pro-choice abortion laws, availability of birth control and the idea of same-sex marriage ruins society’s morality.

For half of the homily I sat there attempting not to roll my eyes.

I don’t see a problem with same-sex marriage. At all. And as far as birth control goes, if you’re going to be pro-life, you have to appreciate preventative birth control. Or at least that’s how it goes in my mind. You cannot control a person’s sex life (and I mean seriously, I’ll bet at least 80% of Catholics had sex before they were married); you cannot force someone to adhere to moral laws, especially if they are not of the same religion.

If using birth control means that you won’t have to make the decision to abort later, then do it!

However, I agree that abortion is murder, and then I get hate from everyone else. But please, let me explain further, because murder is such a harsh, cruel word. I cannot think of a harder decision to make than whether to give up a baby or not.

One of the stereotypical problems I see with abortion is that it disregards the idea of being responsible for yourself. Using birth control is responsible sex. Using an abortion, when abused, can be irresponsible.

However, most people who choose abortion are not the irresponsible type. Another huge issue that NEVER seems to be brought up when we talk about pro-life and pro-choice is how Americans, in general, view teen or unmarried pregnancies. Yeah, we shouldn’t say it’s okay. But it’s like we scoff at those who have faced the terrible decision whether to abort or not, and chose pro-life. 

So that’s the thanks they get for doing exactly what we wanted them to do?

Of course, abortion is completely justified in a case of rape. I cannot imagine a situation worse than that, and the person raped is already facing enough issues that abortion is reasonable.

I suppose my thoughts don’t exactly matter in the grand scheme of things. As I said before, I cannot think of a harder decision to make, and my bleeding heart, well, almost makes me pro-choice. So what the hell is my opinion?

I don’t know. Especially having never been in that situation, I can never tell what decision I would have made. The only thing I and other Catholics/Christians/pro-life individuals can do is adhere to our own moral code and let the world decide what it wants to do. That’s what it’s come down to right?

Of course, I’ll remain pro-life. This is a deep belief of mine, and though I truly respect the opposite side, I don’t know if that is ever going to change.


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