July 12th 2013

“Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right, the points are just like Friday afternoons at work” (Drew Carey). 

This was pretty much me today.

I was very excited because I signed up for a campus tour and information session in Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which is probably my number one choice right now. My dad keeps telling me how great TCNJ and BCC are, trying to coerce me into being both local and cheap.

Yesterday I went to a college information session about the University of Chicago, which I was also considering for sciences. It was at Princeton Library, and the neighborhood was just so gosh darn cute I’m thinking about looking into Princeton too (assuming I could get in, I probably wouldn’t) if I decide to major in an English related major. When I mentioned this to my mom and dad they both said I would have to commute because I can’t afford Princeton for four years.

Am I the only one who really really really wants to live on campus despite the costs? Not just because I want to get away (I want to be generally close to my family when I go to college) but because I want to be able to be more involved in the college events and activities.

I’m hoping that the coming year will further help me decide the direction of my life as far as college and majors are concerned. Last year, taking AP World History and my complete failure at procuring a spot in the NJ Scholars program revealed that I didn’t really care too much for the social sciences or history. I was able to get a group interview for the Scholars program, but then they started asking about austerity and the economy.

And I was just like…uh….

You don’t realize how terrible it was. I don’t even wanna share the stupid things I said, but at one point I literally told them “I don’t know”. Because I truly didn’t! And everyone else was just throwing in economic terms and making arguments and actually knew something about the economic state of the nation. After about five minutes I knew I wasn’t getting in (and I was right).

But my friends have told me that only one other student (majoring in English) has survived AP English and still enjoyed English class. If it ruins in for me, I know I should delve into the sciences. Otherwise, I may seriously consider a career in writing.

The Stranger Update (perhaps some spoilers, I’m not really sure)

I’ve been bringing the book to work with me, and have only gotten to page 16. Have I ever mentioned I’m a slow reader? Right now I’m still reading about the funeral procession. The whole thing seems a little shady to me, but that could just be because the back of the book said Meursault gets involved in a murder (accidentally) and I’m waiting for it.

I think my slow pace has to do with the writing style. The short sentences and quick nature of the book slightly boggles me, and I keep finding myself going back to re-read sentences because I feel like I’ve missed something. So far I haven’t seen anything having to do with existentialism. Meursault is very curt and I haven’t really figured him out yet.


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