The Cost of Love-a Poem

Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all

Say misguided star-crossed people

Whom I like to call “wrong”


Some articulate that love is worth

The painful side effects

These people don’t understand

How love can make you a wreck


Slumping down upon the floor

Sobbing uncontrollably at night

Decreased focus, tunnel vision

Eerie silence or constant fights


Jealousy drives you mad

And distance renders heartache

Emotional roller coaster rides

Until you abruptly brake


Somehow separation sinks in

And then, when they are gone

And you realize it won’t come back

That’s the worst pain of all


Perhaps I should have closed my heart

Because, once you’ve considered the cost

Tis better to have never loved

Than to have loved and lost


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