The New Whose Line Is It Anyway?

So of course with my obsession with Whose Line Is It Anyway? I watched the two new episodes that came on, heading into them with low expectations, because you can never beat the originals (or Drew Carey).

Though I did miss Drew (and would love him to be a special guest on the show), the new lady (I feel bad because I don’t know her name) wasn’t too bad. She didn’t interact as much with the performers, but that was alright. However, there were a few things about the show I didn’t like.

First, they didn’t really use the points gimmick anymore. I think the new lady only gave out points once or twice between both shows. There is the slightest chance I could not have been paying enough attention, but because my sister confirmed this with me so I hope I’m correct. That’s part of the hilarity of it-giving out points that don’t matter is essential to the show.

Secondly, the winners didn’t get to do their own skit, they only read the credits. This both angered and saddened me, because I liked it the other way.

Third, they did not take any members from the audience to do skits with them. Now, I’m thinking (and hoping) that because it was the premiere they were using celebrities instead of audience members, which I of course don’t mind.

Last, and I don’t know if anyone else shares this sentiment, but I felt like the suggestions of scenes and the performers themselves were attempting to be more racy and sexual than before, which I didn’t particularly like.

Now, some of the things I loved about it.

Colin Mochrie. Ryan Stiles. Wayne Brady. Except, like everyone else, the fact that Colin is no longer the only bald man is sort of sad but very ironic and sort of hilarious in itself.

Though they did include some new skits, which is really good, they also reused some of the old ones, which was excellent. I was really hoping they would use a mix of old and new, and I was not disappointed.

And did anyone else see Laura Hall? SHE’S BACK. Everyone loves Laura Hall, and I squealed when I saw her.

Overall, I think I will continue to watch the new Whose Line Is It Anyway?, because I can’t express how excited I am that it’s on again, despite my complaints.

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