The Room


I’m not sure how many of you have heard of or seen this movie, but if you haven’t, YOU MUST. This movie is not just a movie, but an entire experience.

For those who have heard of it being called “the worst movie ever made”…

…you’re probably right. But it’s so bad that you have to watch it. My friend introduced it to me last Thursday, and it was quite…uh…enjoyable. I think. Every time Johnny laughed (it’s also popular to do this every time someone says “oh hi” but there are probably more laughs), we took a swig of soda from our cute little shot glasses (no alcoholic beverages were used).

After you’re done watching the movie, you can watch video, which lists just a few of the things wrong with the movie. However, there are quite a few missing from the video. For example, in one scene Johnny, played by Tommy Wiseau, is outside and picks up the newspaper on his front walkway before going into his house/apartment. When he gets inside…no newspaper. P.S., the new guy who randomly shows up is Peter’s replacement. The actor left in the middle of shooting (good for him) and they didn’t even try to make the new guy resemble him-no glasses or anything.


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