Side by Side-A Poem

This poem actually took quite a bit of rewriting, and will probably need some more.  It’s got a few unintentional i mean i totally meant to have a few little rhymes in there. But other than that it’s freehand.

We used to walk

Side by side

on the ground.


We’d look to the sky

and I would exclaim

how wonderful it must be

to soar above it all

and how the ground was so cold

and the morning sky so gloriously warm

and the sunset triumphantly painted red.


And I told you

I didn’t want to fly

If you weren’t at my side.

But you just laughed


And shook your head.

When the time came for me

To set off into the clouds

I reached for your hand

But you stayed firmly grounded

And we had to say goodbye.


I looked up into the blue;

departure wasn’t…too hard

It was easy for you to say farewell

Why shouldn’t it be the same for me?

And at once I began to fly

Without you at my side.


I thought I’d be alone

Flying through the air

But I found others soaring there

And was always in company.

But every now and then

I’d look towards the ground, see you there

And miss you terribly.


After years of flying high

I looked to the ground once more

And saw you lying there

Cold.  Gone.

I flew back down

Scared and sad again

Just like the day of our goodbyes.


Glancing around, I realized

I remembered

The ground had not been so cold

And the scenery beautiful

When we had been together

Side by side.


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