Pretty Eh 24 Hours

Usually when I do my blog posts, it’s because I have something positive or “interesting” (because I know what I find interesting others may not) to share, but today was a pretty eh day. Last night was pretty bad too.

I don’t want to say that it’s like a roller coaster, because that is very cliche and roller coasters are supposed to be fun. (Let me take a moment to point out that I thought “roller coaster” was one word. Silly Engrish. Don’t be offended; I have many Asian friends and we always joke about “Engrish”. Deal with it).

What is another simile/metaphor I can use?

I guess it’s like a nagging sports injury or cold. You have those lows where you’re just like “blech I’m just going to sit here and do nothing because my life sucks and I’m incapable of doing anything”. During this time period, side effects include becoming depressed because you feel like you’re wasting time or stressing because you know the work you are expected to complete is piling up and you can’t do anything about it.

You wait a few days, and then you feel perfectly fine.

And you get really excited and pumped up because you feel fantastic and are ready to accomplish everything you couldn’t while you were injured or sick. For a few days you’re doing great, and living your life to your fullest potential. Then out of nowhere the injury or cold returns, apparating out of nowhere and you’re back where you started.

This has pretty much summed up my life this summer.

A few days ago (or it could have been yesterday, my mind loses track of time quite easily), another fantastic blog shared a motivating post with the following image:


This is really what I need to do. When I’m active and keeping my mind, body and spirit busy, I’m usually much happier. Today consisted of me staying in my pajamas until about 1:30pm when I had to get ready for our soccer scrimmage. This lapse of willpower is something I personally need to overcome.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading. Here is the link to the Everyday Power Blog which is simply fantastic, whenever I make it to this blog it helps me a lot.

And just a reminder….DO IT NOW! (Right now I should probably shower. I stink).


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