Going To The Doctors This Morning…

Because our soccer game got pushed into overtime the night I was supposed to talk to my doctor, my mom rescheduled it for this morning, and I’m super nervous.

I mean, I don’t know if my mom already told the doctor what was going on or if she’s going to make me tell her when we get there. How do I explain best how I feel? What is she gonna make me do?

I’m assuming some blood tests will be done/scheduled, but I don’t know what else to expect. This past week I’ve been okay, except on Tuesday after a soccer game where I didn’t get ANY playing time, so there was sort of a reason I wanted to mope around and do nothing.

Then last night I felt really bad because we lost a soccer game we didn’t deserve to lose. I only got about 5 minutes of playing time, but then at the end of game speech the coach scolded all of the subs for not being fit enough or willing enough to work hard, essentially saying she couldn’t trust us to play to our full potential and that, because she was struggling to get players off the bench, the girls on the field were tired and that was a major reason we lost.

At the time I wasn’t feeling too bad, but last night I had a terrible soccer dream. I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night because of my homework and studying and the soccer game AGAIN went into overtime.

So I’m nervous and tired, and now I have to go to school.


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