I should stop disappearing…

I have returned from another long break from blogging, which occurred due to

  • deadlines for financial aid stuff for college
  • lots of schoolwork-now I have four actual classes with actual homework and which actually require studying
  • my poetry explication for AP English, which is worth THREE TEST GRADES, was due on Monday, March 3rd. Two weeks before this was due, I actually started doing research for my poem and realized I could not find enough literary criticism to write a successful paper,  so I had to pick a new poem and restart my research
  • and, of course, gosh darned depression.

Lately I have been feeling lonelier than usual due to my break-up with my boyfriend, but “Gonna Get Over You” by Sara Bareilles, featured in my last or second to last post,  is still helping me a lot.

Just out of curiosity I looked up how long it takes for you to get over a relationship, and according to relationship experts, it usually takes about half as long as the relationship lasted to heal completely. For me, that means 8 months (we were together for about 16 months), which seems like a very long time. I suppose the emphasis there is on “completely”. Slowly but surely one gets over a relationship, though minute, lingering feelings could remain months after the break-up. However, by that time most of the pain should be gone.

This is the month the rest of my college acceptance/rejection letters should be coming in, though Johns Hopkins University will not contact me until March 28th (so far away!). I will be impatiently waiting and checking the mail every day as soon as I get home until I know where I have been accepted and can start making some really big decisions.

My poetry explication was a great distraction from my depression-try hard mode had been engaged-but now I need to start motivating myself once more. Hopefully part of that motivation will include frequent blog posts, which is a sentiment I always sing of but never really deliver on. Eh, no harm in trying again.


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