First Day of Spring Rant

I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long, and it has not disappointed me.

First, notwithstanding weather does not comply to man’s designations of when seasons start and end, the coming of spring means snow is (or soon will be) long gone. How long has it been since we’ve had wonderful weather? That means I can start reading my assignments outside and running around the park by my house instead of on the treadmill in my basement where spiders can attack me. Furthermore, if I indeed have Seasonal Affective Disorder, my literal winter blues should start to wear off. Though I have experienced depression in the midst of summer and fall, I’m still hopeful.

Other than being the first day of spring, today was a phenomenal day. My internet was down last night, which almost caused me to go insane. My mind was not sound yesterevening, and I usually employ YouTube Videos in order to distract my madness and sadness; videos also help me fall asleep. I had no clue when it would boot back up, so when I returned home from school and found it working again, I was ecstatic.

I also received an acceptance to Gettysburg College-with a full ride! Gettysburg was not my top choice, but it’s a great school, and I have been to the area before-it’s in the middle of nowhere, but I prefer the countryside and it’s quite picturesque.

On a more morose note, my mommom’s (dad’s mom, my grandmother) funeral was yesterday. She died from a blood clot on her heart on Friday. I’ve found that I deal with grief through distracting myself, so the days subsequent to her death were spent doing anything except thinking about losing her. Whenever I attempted to process her death, my mind either shut down or switched to a different topic. I finally experienced a release of emotion during the mass (meaning I cried a lot). It was good for me. I’ve finally begun to accept her passing, though I’m sure the full impact of her death will not register until I begin to notice her absence from family functions, especially with my 18th birthday just around the corner.

During the funeral service yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who came-I was quite touched  when my dads coworkers drove an hour or more from North Jersey to see her, simply because of the respect they have for my father. The rest of the day was spent at a luncheon with family and friends, which was splendid-I love spending time with them.

Have a wonderful first day of spring, and enjoy the entire spring season!

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