This blog was started in a high school class. And now, two years later, I still blog “regularly”.

Howdy. I’m glad you have taken the time to understand more about me (more than you can get from my blog anyway). Or maybe you just want some of that paradoxically boring albeit interesting background information about me. So, I am a recent high school graduate. At the moment my major in college is going to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in German and possible minor in English, Writing, or Neuroscience, but I am open to whatever life wants to throw my way. There is so much to learn about, and I want to soak up as much as possible.

But that basically sums up all my interests. I love biology, and this year has spawned a platonic affection for chemistry. I enjoy German and adore all aspects of English classes, from analyzing both old and modern novels to poetry to creative and essay writing. I love dogs (but a shout-out to all those wonderful feline creatures I also exalt).

I was raised Catholic, and still willingly attend masses on Sundays, but am excited to explore my spirituality in college. I refrain from tagging my political and social views as liberal, moderate, or conservative, because I am literally all over the place on different topics. For example, I support gay rights and many feminist sentiments but still believe abortion is killing another being and should only be employed 1) if the woman was raped 2) if the mother or baby’s life is in peril.

I’ve had depression and anxiety since spring of junior year, and still struggle with it regularly (those long stretches of time when I don’t blog are usually the worst times).

I follow a log of popular channels and vloggers on YouTube, such as Smosh and Smosh Games, Rooster Teeth, etc. I love video games but am cheap, so I don’t spend a lot of money on them myself and usually end up watching others play them on YouTube. I love being outside-playing with dogs, walking, hiking, going to the beach, etc.

If you think you’ve met someone who cares less about their appearance…well, you probably have. But I am extraordinarily lax about my looks. I mostly wear my hair in a ponytail, unless it willingly cooperates. I wear glasses because I am too lazy to put contacts in when I wake up, and I really see no reason for wearing make up on a day to day basis. So there, more than enough information to get a snippet of who I really am.


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