After much painful and protracted deliberation, I have decided to attend Gettysburg College.

In the end, the University of Rochester was just too far away, in too wintery of a location, and too large. Additionally, I felt a lot better when I went to visit Gettysburg’s campus-it had that special feel about it, like I could imagine myself spending my college years there.  Rochester didn’t give me the feel. Though I will be giving up immense diversity (because let’s be honest, Gettysburg College is mostly a bunch of white kids) and specialization early in my college experience (Rochester had Molecular Genetics as a major and is a research institute), I am quite pleased with my choice.

After doing some research I discovered a variety of Biology and BMB students who are currently studying at great universities for grad school, including at Johns Hopkins University (which is where I would like to  go for grad school). Because Gettysburg is so small (the incoming class last year was about 700 students, I think), I’ll have that small community feel I love. I’ll also form tight relationships with faculty, which will lead to research opportunities. And even though the location is not a lively city like Rochester, it’s a beautiful landscape rich in history only two and a half hours from my hometown, versus the five and half hour drive to Rochester.

Ultimately, college is what you make of it, and I intend to do A LOT. I’m going to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a definite minor in German and possible minors in English, Writing, or Neuroscience. Because there are so many subjects I want to delve into, I’ll probably end up taking five (versus four) classes in at least two, if not more semesters. I plan to study abroad, perform research with faculty, get some internships and experience in there, and do all kinds of college type things!

After making this decision, so much weight has been lifted off of me, and I feel a lot better. I do have moments of doubt, thinking perhaps I made the wrong decision…that’s just my nature at this time in my life. But talking to people from the college (and of course stalking their Facebook pages), I’m really excited to embark on this new chapter of my life.

Here’s to making the last few weeks of high school count and salmon colored pants! (Which reminds me…I gotta get some Gettysburg gear!)


Pet Peeves

While I’m avoiding my English essay and Chemistry homework, I’ve decided to talk about a few things that make me want to punch people in the face.

Aren’t I a wonderful human being? I’m realizing I could probably think of a lot, but these are the main four (in no particular order) that really seem to not only crawl beneath my skin but create completely irrational anger within me.

1) When people do not know general geography.

Now, I’m not an expert in geography, and I don’t expect people to know where insignificant cities or countries are located; however, I do not understand why so many people act like they’ve never seen a map before. For example, while we were still in middle school, my best friend thought Spain was in Mexico.

My one friend just laughed when she said this, but I completely freaked out (it was somewhat uncalled for). I suppose I have to blame American schools systems (maybe not all of them, but many of the ones I am familiar with) for not spending more time studying geography. Granted, many things are more useful, important, and require high-level thinking rather than memorization, and who wants to memorize a map when they can look everything up on their phone?

Still, doesn’t anyone else think we should have some basic knowledge of where things are? I’d think that would be important. Wouldn’t it be offensive to someone from Spain to ask them what it’s like to live in Mexico? Either you offend them or they just think you’re an idiot.

2) People who do not respect the opinions of others.

I will admit that, on most subjects, I’ve grown to not be very opinionated, because I clearly see the pros and cons of each side. Besides, most things in life that people fight over are completely subjective, such as which music is best. However, I wish more people would be at least respectful when voicing their thoughts.

One sore subject between myself and another student whom I don’t see much of anymore is religion. He is an atheist and I’m Catholic, and when I told him this he decided that it was appropriate to bring it up EVERY single time I talked to him. I didn’t even try to fight it; I just smiled and nodded or tried to joke whenever he started ranting, but though I think I kept pretty cool on the surface, inside I was ready to smash my AP Biology book (which has to weigh at least 10 pounds) across his head.

Please just chill, okay? I don’t mind when people have different beliefs than me (in any subject, not just religion), and I know some people like to argue. But if the other person isn’t actually debating back, why do you feel the need to attack their beliefs?

3) Judging others.

This is a pretty common pet peeve, but everyone still does it. I know, I’ve done it before. However, I have a very specific version of this pet peeve. I abhor when people judge each other while in church.

(Time to be all Catholic on everyone…sort of).

When you are in church, you are essentially in God’s house. God does not want you to judge or hate others or stare maliciously at them while they file into your pew ten minutes late for Mass. You don’t know what’s going on in their life. Since I’ve been depressed, that old saying, that you should be kind to everyone because you don’t know what they are dealing with, has really sunk in. That person could have had to drag themselves out of bed, mustering some sort of motivation to get to Mass. They could have depression, social anxiety, or have just lost a loved one. You just don’t know.

4)  Perfect people.

Have you ever met someone who seems so ridiculously smart, athletic, talented, pretty, well-spoken and friendly that it cannot be real? Those people make me want to ram my head into a wall. Some people I can deal with, especially if they are unconditionally nice-then it’s okay for them to be perfect. But when I know that this girl or guy is mean and/or condescending, I can’t help but be irritated and angry.

Condescending. I love that word. I know some people like that, and I hate it. Especially when everyone else seems to love that person, and I can only ask myself why they do not see how absolutely condescending they are, like other people (usually me) are below them.

Considering what I just wrote for number 3, I am a complete hypocrite. I have been trying to control this burning anger at so-called “perfect people” because, in reality, neither they nor their lives are perfect.

Anyone else have pet peeves like mine? Maybe?

One Year of Blogging Later…

Wow, it’s crazy to think that a year ago in class I started a blog, and, though I haven’t been as dedicated to it as I’d like to be, I’m proud to have kept this commitment and hope to continue to blog and write for another full year. In celebration of my second year of blogging, I’m going to take my first post ever-a class assignment, 33 things about myself-and create a new list, listing 33 things that have changed in my life since I began blogging.

This year, I…

1) got accepted into my school’s National Honors Society.

2) went to Austria and Germany, which included my first plane ride and traveling by myself (without family) for the first time.

3) acquired my driver’s permit.

4) acquired my driver’s license.

5) became both an honorary theater kid and honorary marching band member.

6) got a rifle (I only realized this after this post has been up for a few weeks…a COLORGAURD rifle, not a real rifle!) and Big Time Rush concert tickets for my birthday.

7) went to a Big Time Rush concert.

8) expanded my love of different artists and different genres of music

9) bought Taylor Swift’s RED album on ITunes-crazy how, once again, all her songs directly related to my life’s situation at the time.

10) got a boyfriend and continue to maintain a relationship with him

11) went to junior prom with my boyfriend and wore the most amazing dress-only about $30, it made me look beautiful without showing excessive skin, being excessively short or tight, or being the run-of-the-mill looking prom dresses.

12) haven’t used script, word, or anything to make a website, other than unsuccessfully trying to use script in this blog, since taking the Internet and Web Page Design class.

13) joined Science League

14) made some new best friends while subsequently losing others

15) was a semi-finalist for the New Jersey Scholars program but was ultimately not accepted

16) (hopefully) improved my public speaking and presenting skills

17) was too nosy and completely regretted it

18) got Halo 4….what, it’s important!

19) saw Wreck-it-Ralph, which was like, the best animated movie in a long time

20) couldn’t take German IV this year because it conflicted with other courses in my schedule

21) have continued to write, but unfortunately not as much; my journal has been barren for most of the year

22) took the PSAT and became incredibly jealous when I missed the National Merit by one or two points while another boy in my school became a Merit Scholar

23) took the SAT twice; still waiting for the most current scores but I got a 650 in reading, 650 in math and 760 in writing. Go figure.

24) have decided i will (most likely) not be attending the senior trip because my best friends do not or cannot go; we’ll just have our own little get-away

25) have started making my own sandwiches for school lunches! It’s a miracle!

26) have decided that I will start my own religion in which a woman can have more than one husband so I can marry Kendall Schmidt, Hunter Hayes and Trevor Bayne; my boyfriend can be my servant. (no, I’m not serious)

27) asked my dad if I could have the 1979 Chevy Camaro my great uncle sold to him (for like, $500) and he’s fixing it, though I should probably help him (blech I’m a terrible child).

28) realized because the car might not be done by the time school starts next year, when I’ll have a parking spot and be able to drive to school, we may have to start looking for a cheap, used car this summer

29) tore my ACL

30) got a bajillion letters from different colleges about applying but have not gone on any tours or anything

31) did go to a seminar for four different colleges, one of which I will most likely be applying to (Johns Hopkins University) because they have a good biology program. Other colleges I’ve been thinking of attending are Pittsburgh State, Gettysburg College, Arcadia, and trying to apply to colleges such as Chicago University, Princeton and even Harvard (because I would totally love it there haha [insert sarcasm here])

32) had my first kiss

33) have been leaning toward either becoming an English major (no clue where I could go from there) or becoming a molecular geneticist (something like that), medical scientist, biological scientist, geneticist or forensic scientist. I also want to have a minor in German and continue to travel.

Top 5 Love Songs (at least out of the ones on my ipod right now)

Honorable Mention: “You’re Not Alone” by Big Time Rush.

Do not mock my inner Rusher, because a lot of their songs, such as this, are really exceptional. It probably didn’t make my top 5 because I’ve never really had a relationship that grew out of pure friendship, so I can’t totally relate. I’ve wished for this type of relationship once or thrice, because I just find it adorable: boy is there for girl, girl doesn’t realize it until later, boy and girl have happy ending. Whether or not you’ve had a relationship like that, it’s still a pleasurable thought to know there are people-friends, family, and lovers-that will never leave you alone.

Number 5: “Never Gonna Be Alone” by Nickelback.

Again, a song about never being alone, and having someone to fall back on. However, it’s more serene than Big Time Rush’s song in my opinion, and more powerful overall. The best lyrics in the song, to me at least, are “So now, as long as I can, I’m holding on with both hands”. No real explanation why, but I always seem to smile a little on the inside at that part.

Okay, the order gets really hard at this point. Depending on my mood, this is subject to change.

Number 4: “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

At some times, this is my number one song, just because of how at peace it makes me feel. Listening to this song at any point, I just sort of close my eyes and relax. However, I’m someone who believes that even when you’re totally in love with someone, other things can be just as important. So doing “it all, everything, on our own” doesn’t appeal to me. Contrariwise, the idea of laying somewhere with someone I love and figuratively “chasing cars”, maybe listening to music, conversing or just enjoying each other’s company, is the epitome of a day well wasted.

Number 3: “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley.

The adorability in this song is just undeniable, even if you aren’t a fan of country music. It truly is the little moments that make you really fall for someone, and I’ve learned that people’s imperfections are some of the most beautiful things about them. These are the things you live and work for; we as a mass of humanity go to work every day for the sake of those vacation days spent with loved ones. The cute little things someone does makes the monotony of life bearable, sometimes even causing it to disappear.

Number 2: “I’ll Look After You” by The Fray

All of the lyrics in the song just ring so true for me. Like, this is how I want to feel when I’m with someone I love. I really don’t know how else to describe it. My favorite line would have to be “It’s always have and never hold, but you’ve begun to feel like home”.

Number 1: “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

Alright, call me stereotypical. This is one of the best known and loved rock ballads of all time, but maybe because it’s so powerful. Like the previous song, this is what I most desperately want in a relationship, and for years this has been designated as my wedding song (or, if I don’t feel like being stereotypical in my future, to be a song I at least dance to at my wedding). It’s just so completely perfect to sway and dream to.

Songs Relevant to Me at the Moment

Of course, just because I love songs doesn’t mean they are relevant to me at this time, though I hope they are in the future. I’m going to be a stereotypical teen girl right now, and say that Taylor Swift has pretty much described my love life in the past few years. No lie though. Especially the last two albums, I have found a situation in my life that each song fits perfectly into. It just happened; not like I’m going to lie to try to be different and deep or anything. Anyway, right now, I’m stuck on “State of Grace” and “Stay Stay Stay”.

“This is a state of grace,

this is the worthwhile fight.

Love is a ruthless game

unless you play it good and right.”

A Picture of Me


So this is the tire swing in my backyard. My dad put it up a couple years ago by throwing the rope up over a reliable branch in the tallest oak tree in our yard(don’t ask me how, all I know is that he didn’t use a ladder) and tying a knot at the bottom, reinforcing it with, of course,  duct tape.

Whenever I need time to just relax and forget about schoolwork or soccer or anything else that’s bugging me, all I need to do is grab my Ipod and spend a mere half an hour on the tire swing and I feel instantly better.It’s not the Ipod, and it’s not the tire swing. It’s the combination of music that I love and a place that is always waiting for me, always welcoming, that really relaxes me. It reminds me that, no situation is as bad as it seems, and no matter what happens, everything will be all right.

I feel like this tire really does represent me. I’m an outdoorsy person and love being outside, especially in spring when the temperature is PERFECT. Over the years, whenever my friends have (what now looks in retrospect as) petty drama, the first place they want to go is over my house so they can swing. That tire has heard so many secrets, if it could speak, I’d have to kill it for fear of it knowing too much. Though the tire, like me, isn’t the most experienced at giving advice, it’s always there when you need it.

It also makes me think about my family, which is a huge part of my identity. I’m not one of those teenagers who hates their parents and locks themself in their room after school and doesn’t crawl out into the open until morning. Not saying that I never fight with or get really angry at my parents, but being with my family is important and is something I look forward to. My family likes being outside too, so we’re always on our back porch and, of course, my sister and I love pushing each other on the tire swing. To me, at least, this swing represents the simplicity of childhood and my home.

The thing about the tire that most represents me is the memories associate with it. Memories are one of the most important things in the world to me; I put a very high price on the things I can remember. Maybe I’m secretly sentimental. Maybe it’s just because I’m a writer, and as a writer, I like using real life experiences to influence my writing. 

But the thing about the tire swing is, it brings so many memories to the forefront of my mind and it makes me feel happy. There are so many memories trapped inside of that little tire that I can’t go near it without thinking about the last camp-out in my backyard my cousins had or the last time my best friend came over upset and we spent a few hours outside.

It represents everything I’ve ever done or said, and everything I can remember. It represents me.

33 things about me

1) (starting with the basics) I have one little sister (who is my best friend) and live with my mom and dad

2) my dog is a German shepherd named Demon (and the name suits him =p)

3) my favorite colors are purple, blue, and silver

4) i play soccer-both midfield and outside fullback

5) even though i play soccer, all of my closest friends are band weenies and stage crew geeks (and i am allowed to say this because they are my friends)

6) even though i love soccer, i enjoy the rifles the colorgaurd uses

7) my favorite food is cheese

8) if i could only have one type of music in the world, it would be country music because that’s what i grew up listening to and it’s still my favorite genre

9) even though she’s more country-pop, Taylor Swift is really cool and (me being a teenage girl) has lots of songs i can relate to, so she’s one of my favorite artists

10) though the show is stupid (thanks to Scott Fellows) and the dance moves are horrible, big time rush CAN sing and some of their songs are pretty cool

11) i prefer making webpages in script versus using word or an online website generator

12) i have a tire swing in my backyard

13) i signed up for key club and literary club this year but only went to two meetings each

14) there are only a handful of people i truly consider friends; half of them are guys

15) there are two reasons to watch a show: because it has a great plot line and because there is a cute guy on it =p big bonus if it has both

16) I’m painfully shy and hate public speaking

17) that being said, i like talking to people in general and love listening/eavesdropping on conversations

18) i still have a ton of barbie stuff in my room because i played with them all the time when i was a kid

19) i like playing halo but not hardcore-its more fun to just mess around on multiplayer with friends than do campaigns

20) I’m going to Austria over the summer und ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch

21) i keep a journal that i write in almost every day

22) i write a lot of poetry and stories but often don’t finish my work because i can’t focus on one idea for too long before i get another or i get bored or i lose the “mood” of a piece and just can’t finish

23) i hate sharing any poetry or stories i write

24) i have never been to Disney-world

25) i eat the edges of my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches first because the middle is the best part

26) my favorite number is 3-Dale Earnhardt Sr’s number, faith, hope and love, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, etc.

27) i love NASCAR racing and always watch it with my dad

28) my dad is a redneck-and i love him for it

29) my house is small in comparison to a typical development house but i love it

30) my yard is about an acre big and i love that too because i like spending time outside

31) unfortunately, my friend has caused me to take a liking to Broadway music

32) i’m not particularly fond of anime and manga but i like lucky star because the four girls are like perfect replicas of me and my friends-it’s pretty funny how close the characters are to the real-life us

33) i’m not quite sure what i want to do with my life (career-wise) because there are so many different things i love and so many different things i want to do