MOM Day 29-Inspirational Songs

“Music can change the world because it can change people” (Bono). 

I’d like to share a couple songs that have helped me through times of doubt. Whenever I’m upset or stressed or afraid of failure, this songs help me to keep pushing forward.

This first song, “Determinate”, yes, is from the Disney channel movie “Lemonade Mouth”. Not a fan of the movie, but this song is one of my favorite songs to work out to. I think this year for soccer, when we do our timed 2 mile run, this is going to be my last song on my playlist, sort of as a “hurry up you’re almost out of time” warning. It just puts me in a good move, and I’ll probably be dancing to it as I run.

Second is “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. No lie my sister and I discovered this song playing guitar hero for the DS. But it makes me remember that, even if I’m not where I want to be now, work is in progress. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say as long as I’m working toward my goals and making myself happy.

Last is probably the most important song of the trio, “Drive” by Incubus. Again, funny story about how I discovered the song…I was watching Kendall Schmidt’s covers on YouTube and he did this song. This is especially imperative to overcoming my self-doubt and fear of failure. I could not be positive and optimistic without the aid of this song. I don’t know how else to express how beloved this song is to me.


MOM Day 28-First 3 Days Of Work

This summer I got a job at my school doing paint crew. With my first job, I’ve already learned new things.

1) If you have a job, you will not lose track of what day it is because you will forever be wishing for Friday.

2) Gossip is gossip is gossip. It never ends. I don’t participate, but I listen, which is pretty bad in itself.

3) Even if a supervisor is rushing you, take your time and do the work right the first time. Then they’ll be more pissed later on if you have to go back and touch up all the spots you or other people missed.

4) Don’t carry wet brushes through the hallway, even if you think they’re clean. Just don’t.

5) Music is your friend. The clock isn’t. If you keep checking the time, it’ll only go by slower.

6) People you’ve never talked to before or thought you could never be friends with can be pleasant to work with. Subsequently, it can be hell to work with someone who puts you down, whether directly or indirectly. You can’t let them get to you. If they’re advice is reasonable, use it to get better and prove them wrong. If not, move on.

7) When someone is teaching you something new, PAY ATTENTION.

8) Never be afraid to ask for help or direction.

9) Water. Enough said.

10) It sucks to be a girl when the head supervisor is a sexist gym teacher.

11) It’s awesome to  be a girl because the sexist gym teacher never makes the girls work outside while paying them the same amount.

12) Doing a good job pays off. Literally.

I could rant and rant and rant, but this pretty much sums up my first three days. It’s finally Friday, which is awesome; however, I won’t be one of the people sleeping in, I’ll be getting up early (ish) to workout. My workouts lately have been cut short by afternoon/evening thunderstorms, and I really need to work on my skills (such as sprints and footwork) that can only be done outside.

I’ve been having trouble at some things, because I’ve never technically done this type of paint work before, but I have to remember:

“All things are difficult before they are easy” (Thomas Fuller). 

MOM Day 25-Nights Like These

Lately so many things have been bothering me. Whether I have the right or not to be bothered by them, they were still troubling me. However, when I hang out with my two best friends, all of the problems seem to go away.

And, if they don’t go away, it’s because we’re talking them out. Everyone puts in some input. Everyone has their say. There is not exclusion or putting down or obnoxious comments (which is what I’ve witnessed too many times in average day to day interactions between teenagers).

Of course, I feel a little guilty that I didn’t share what I think I might have to do. I’ll probably tell my one friend so she can help me make a decision, and tell the other when I’ve made my choice, because she had the most problems we discussed last night, and I don’t need to worry her anymore. It feels a little dirty, but she understands because she’s done the same for me. Maybe I’ll tell her anyway, just mention it and tell her I’m figuring it out so it doesn’t worry her.

I love these two girls. We spent the night watching Doctor Who and  Mean Girls 2, then talking and talking and talking. They make me feel completely at ease. Our talks really help boost my self-worth because I actually feel useful, helpful, and wanted.

So, motivational advice for today, rely on your friends and loved ones for help. It can even be a sibling or relative, but everyone needs someone. Finding the someone is hard to do, I understand, which is why I feel so blessed to have these two girls in my life. Nights like these remind me why life is not worthless.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood” ( Lucius Annaeus Seneca). 

If anyone ever wants a friend, I’m always here on the other side of the computer. As you can see from this blog, I have my own issues and usually feel like my help and advice is worthless, but I will listen and I will care.

MOM Day 24-First Day of Summer

Yes, my bass-awkwards school set up the calendar so that our last day is on a Monday. So I went in school until 9:20 to take an exam then came home.

And, unfortunately, I wasted the entire day on electronics-old DS games, computer, ipod, television-and of course eating. I didn’t work out like I wanted to (though it started thunderstorming like crazy so I was sort of glad I didn’t go outside), and have been in a terrible mood. I hate making decisions but one is running like a freight train toward me, so I can’t run away.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier” (Roy E. Disney).

This is unfortunately what I have to do. I just don’t know if I can actually do it.

On a good note, I got a 100 on my AP Bio final, and a 94 on my English final, which means my grade for English is a 96 for the year. WOOHOO. I should probably make a list of my goals for the summer, but I honestly don’t feel like it right now (maybe later today). However, I plan to make it worthwhile.

A major thing I want to accomplish is to get ready for soccer and to do that, I’m going to need a lot of motivation and to understand that I can move on from mistakes (such as not working out one day) and improve on them the next day.

I also plan on preparing for my AP classes next year, visiting some colleges and narrowing down my college list, preparing for college applications, participating in scholarships, and, of course, hanging out with my friends. Looks like I have a sort-of list already.

I’ll also be working-first job WOOHOO. I’ll be doing paint crew for my school district, which means painting all summer. Can’t be too bad, it pays pretty good, is only for the summer, won’t conflict with soccer, and I have a few friends/acquaintances who are also doing it. The awesome part is, my parents allowed me to inherit my dad’s old car so I can drive to and from the job. My mom got a new truck, dad got the old truck, and I got the new car.

Hope everyone has a great start to summer!

MOM Day 21: Why I Love Kids

Today ended surprisingly well notwithstanding a rough start. Tonight was my little sister’s 8th grade advancement, and after the ceremony I worked out then watched TV with my mom and dad. Then my mom proceeded to recall a story that a woman in her work had told them that day, which I found both adorable and motivational.

Apparently the woman’s 7 year old son has an oovoo, and of course my first thought was why on earth does a 7 year old need an oovoo? Anyway, one day she was eavesdropping on his video call, like all good mothers would, and heard him say, “I don’t know”, and then a second time, with more force, “I don’t know!”.

Then he said “because my mom said so!”. Well the mom was of course about to cry, mostly because this meant her son actually listened to her. I was personally moved by his next comment.

“My mommy said that you can’t tell if someone is beautiful until you get to know who they are!”

Honestly, I “awwwed” at this, and silently prayed that when/if I have children, I can instill a similar sentiment in their minds. If a little kid can understand this concept, why can’t we all?

“She shouldn’t have put herself in that position”

According to, Serena Williams apologized for her maybe-not-recorded-correctly statements about the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. Recently she has been quoted in Rolling Stone magazine saying that “What was written – what I supposedly said – is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame” (

She has retracted her supposed statements and is reaching out to the girls family, and I’m probably ranting about an issue millions of other people are ranting about, but the statements included in the article (whether she actuallly said them or not) from Rolling Stone infuriated me. I’m taking each statement and ranting about why each opinion, which I know some people still believe in, is absolutely repulsive.

“What happened in Steubenville was a real shock for me. I was deeply saddened. For someone to be raped, and at only sixteen, is such a horrible tragedy! For both families involved – that of the rape victim and of the accused” (

What? What’s that last part there? It was a tragedy for the ACCUSED? So you are feeling sorry for the two disgusting vermin who raped her? Because they’re actually getting reprimanded like criminals? In my opinion, which others may not share, rapists are the lowest creatures on the earth. Murder is even better, though torture is probably equal to rape, depending on the severity. But to assault someone’s body in that way is abominable. I wish I had stronger words to use.

I understand that some cases of date rape are not considered as severe because the girl and guy start but then the girl says no in the middle of it and the guy doesn’t stop. But as soon as you say no, the partner is required to stop. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

“I’m not blaming the girl, but if you’re a 16-year-old and you’re drunk like that, your parents should teach you: Don’t take drinks from other people” (

First of all, if you make this statement, you ARE blaming the girl. I admit I’m conservative and deeply frown upon, for lack of a better term, “liberal” dressing, or disobeying society’s laws such as the drinking age. I’m against the whole teen party scene. But that absolutely does not give anyone the right to assault you. What the hell, how can you even justify that? You look like a slut, act like a slut and are drunk so that means I can rape you? (I apologize for my “strong” language).

“… she shouldn’t have put herself in that position, unless they slipped her something, then that’s different” (

What? WHAT? Okay, I admit, I don’t approve of the situation either. Drunk teens don’t mix well. But this is again blaming the girl’s own actions for the repulsive crimes of two other individuals. This case of rape is no different than if she had been sober or if they had slipped her something.

Note: This rant is not directed toward Serena Williams. I’m not calling her out, saying she was wrong because she has officially retracted her statements. But there are others who might agree with the original printed statements, and I feel the need to express my own opinion against these idiotic ideas. It’s not even an opinion-it’s just wrong.

Thank you if you’ve gotten to this point, meaning you bore through this rant that is only an echo of a million or so other minds who are outraged by cases such as this. Thanks again.